Tuesday, December 18, 2012

me and Japan >_< part 2

lets continue the journey ;) .....the main reason for me to visit Japan is bcoz of their anime and manga :P ...and of coz their culture is kewl too..their way of life....there is a lot of things there that can make me be sentimental hehheeh.

on our way to train station

every day the streets is clean...just like this...the workers will do their job delicately..i am impress....

a man wearing suit and tie is a common thing :)

mini kiosk exist at every station...it is convenient

Introducing Harajuku

 makan time at Harajuku

next stop Akihabara...from the train its look a bit like sg wang ;)

i like the elevator ;) 

next stop ninja village \(',')/

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