Tuesday, December 18, 2012

me and Japan >_< part 2

lets continue the journey ;) .....the main reason for me to visit Japan is bcoz of their anime and manga :P ...and of coz their culture is kewl too..their way of life....there is a lot of things there that can make me be sentimental hehheeh.

on our way to train station

every day the streets is clean...just like this...the workers will do their job delicately..i am impress....

a man wearing suit and tie is a common thing :)

mini kiosk exist at every station...it is convenient

Introducing Harajuku

 makan time at Harajuku

next stop Akihabara...from the train its look a bit like sg wang ;)

i like the elevator ;) 

next stop ninja village \(',')/

Monday, December 17, 2012

me and Japan >_< part 1

for yearssssssss i have not updated my blog and there is only one reason...only one... i am bloody lazy hehehe :P salute to those who gud at updating which is not me of coz -_- ....frenz and siblings occasionally  give me the sarcastic remarks does my blog really exists or not.....i mean come on i dun have anything to write...i juz wanna blog.... :P but today i feel like writing @ typing... well here goes...... i went to japan...... wahahahahaha.. i can't even believe it myself.... i went to japan...one of the country that i weally weally want to go.. so in this post there will be a few parts on me n familia goin to japan....but 1st of all ppl... to go to wherever place in a name of vacation a thru planning is damn needed... so my entire family take a year to discuss and planning on our route to Japan heheeheh mainly on the cost and budget...aaaannnnndddd skipping all the one year thingy we finally manage to bought JAL tickets on sale to Japan at MATA Fair.  trust me it is a whole different experience when you are taking different aircraft... .....i think.. hermmmmmmm well watevea normally we take airasia or MAS hehehehe. Come now join our adventure to Nihon.... ganbatte mina  \(',')/

first come and look the foodssss that we bring..since it will be a bit difficult to find halal food there..and i dun want us 2 be starving heheheheh

We r now in JAL ;)

we r given slippers to wear inside the flight..i m soooo happyyyyy...and than......i forgot to take it... &@^%#^$

morning coffee.. sighh....wat a life hehehhe

muslim dinner in JAL

the untouchable view :)

on our way to Ikebukuro - book a place to stay there...
as if we can understand but hey 3 heads is better than one ;)

view from train

hey hey a familiar shopping :P

the place that we decide to stay......  introducing Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro..the flags represents all the guest for that day....our flag is there too >_<

it is a comfortable, definitely tourist friendly and cozy place to stay...checkout their website for further info

next entry would be all the fun things that we did here in Nihon :) yea yea yea c ya later minna >_<

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ThE reLaY FoR LiFE - LeT's FiGHt tHe CANCER ppl!!

Hi guys,

if u live in Malaysia why don't u be a good humanitarian and spare ur wkend (30/5/09 & 31/5/09) to join the cancer SURVIVORS and their families.
Me & my siblings went to bukit jalil stadium to join them... our mother died of cancer. It's a happy and sad event for us.... happy coz we can see thousands of ppl gathering and giving support and sad bcoz we remember losing the most most precious person in our life... hmmm let me just describe my mom a little bit.... the way i remember and in by my own words... she's a good friend, she luv to give us a peck on the cheek, she luv cooking or try something new to cook, she luv her family, she definitely luv me & my siblings... it shows ;) , she is a person with sincere & good heart, she loves to help ppl heck she is a nurse that is why she loves to help anybody... and as far as i can recalled since she's gone... myself personally can't find any replica of her... none of my friends mothers was like mine.. i mean some of them just don't really talk to their mother... some of them just respect their mother in the name of respecting and when i told them to be their mother's good friend... they give me a weird look...if only they got a chance to meet my mom... :D not even my mother siblings has the warmth like her... actually they don't have any warmth at all... well... she was one rare very rare gem... that's my mom :)
so you guys out there this year 2010 there is another round of this relay for life programme... come and join me & my siblings again to join the survivors and their family :P see all of u there :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy BirtHDay MaRy CassAtt'S

if u guys did some googleing today, than u will see it is Mary Cassatt's bday!!! truthfully.. i do not know her... but i love her type of painting so i wouldn't mind spending my time doing this blog :) the more i manage to look at some of her arts the more i recon seeing it... i guest most of us wld think the same way too... i know i do have one of her postcard with me... no wonder her drawing is familiar..... well at least i have been introduce (accidentally) to a new name today but a well known artist to the whole world..
Happy Birthday Mary Cassatt :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

mY interEsT

25/4/2009 hmmmm which means 3 weeks ago... well at that time i don't have this blog yet ;) for the first time i am taking my interest seriously :D... aku cakap ngan adik aku.. this weekend kita pegi anugerah PEKOMIK, and to my surprise she don't really question me on why do we need to go.. normally she asks :P ... that makes my life easy ;)so off we go to PWTC, a bit info abt the event - it is called Anugerah PEKOMIK 2009, an event to appreciate all the creative cartoonists in malaysia.. and since i luv animation, mangas (aka japanese comics) and cartoons so i wouldn't mind joining this 4 to 5 hours event... there's a lot of stalls in PWTC which sells all the creative things from a simple comics to t shirts etc etc.. so for the sake of making sure this creative ppl keep on doing wat they do best, we bought some souvenirs :)
while i am sitting inside the room as one of the audiences, i keep looking ard to see.... who knows if there is some familiar cartoonists that i might recognize... i did saw some of the gempak ppl.. some of ujang's cartoonist.. but than i realized me & my siblings since last few years have been choosing a different type of comics... we are into a different version of comics... different strokes... more into the japanese or korean type.. manga and manhwa...we are more into Gempak and Utopia... i think that is why there is only a bit of ppl that we recognized that day.
These are the few winners that i can remember, we have Ujang for his Atuk (note: just fyi ujang was once a quite popular cartoonist but over the years i over heard something happen to him and well.... he is still ard) and we have Art Square winning Penerbit Terbaik i think (note: Art Square is the Gempak's co.), and we also have Niezam Bachik winning the Siri Mini (note: he is one of Ujang's cartoonist... i am not sure where he is now) but the overall winner is this Azhar Abdullah... frankly we didn't even know who he is... so i ask the person beside me who is Azhar that winning almost all the category... he look at me and said something like the boss or the organiser.. hmmmm no wonder he wins... ;) we do try to look around for his work, we saw his drawings....... well...... as i said much earlier me & my siblings, we have move on... we choose the more creative and outstanding presentations... but all in all it is quite and experience and i do hope the event will be on yearly basis... we would luv to go again :D
(btw : bcoz of my laziness this post took nearly a year to be publish hehehehheeh but since i also write in a diary so i manage to recall the event ;) )

thE 10 commandments

fuyoooo... malam nie hujan lebat... sampai rumah pulak awal... macam biasa tak leh tengok astro.. :p bosan siot bila ujan je mesti takde aktiviti kat tv... sampai je kat rumah adik aku ngan hubby dia tengah bukak puasa... *whisper* yg puasa adik aku.. laki dia join makan sekali ;) pastu masih takde aktiviti lagi adik aku pun on dvd.. kiteorg tengok cerite the 10 commandments... korang pernah tengok cerite nie tak...? me & my siblings layan these type of story mainly ikut my dad lah.. normally my dad cerite everything dulu.... pastu bila dia dah beli cd than we all akan tengok sama2... well back to the story that we are watching.... tengah tekun tengok si ramses dan si moses tu tiba2 tak kuar gambar...tersekat2... bengang je... so my bro said let him clean the disc... both of us was amaze... while waiting for him to do that i do my blog hehehhe.. when he done we try to continue the movie again.......... still nothing.... so my bro decide he will throw the cd later.... hahahahaha so now the 3 of us ended watching T4xi... thank god it is a funny story.. i shall forget about my pharaoh...... for now ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

my oWn bLoG

wow... my own blog..... hahaha... i am sooooo happy :) u guys can't even imagine how many years that i wait to have my own blog.... years back i told my siblings... wait..tat doesn't sound right.. i persuade my siblings ;) to do a blog for me... they ask me y do i need it....... of coz as usual i got hundred and one reason on y do i need it....duhhhh.... but my main reason catch their attention (at last) i told them i need to have more friends and who knows i can even find my other half *wink wink* so both of them immediately start to think the basic on how my blog should look like... i think both my siblings are pretty tired of my circle of friends heheheheh :P u see i am a loyal person.... so mainly my friends now are also my friends when my siblings are still in primary school.... hmmm no wonder..... so while i am waiting for my blog to be up, life still goes on... a lot of things happen over the years... as the three of us grow up, and becoming more matured and more stronger........... my blog still not ready..!! can u believe it!! i am l iving with 3 ppl who are expert in computers and all the cmputers gadget & my blog is still... none... than something happen last 3 weeks... while i was googleing (is there such word.... well, who cares) i accidentally saw website on how to do ur own blog... and i only read it thru for 10 mins and it is so damn easy... i am piss off with my siblings that day i don't even want to talk to them... of coz they don't really notice it...sigh.. since they normally will start talking the moment i come back from work.... than last 2 weeks i borrow one of my sibling laptop and start to do my blog.......... i only manage to do until the 1st phase which is choosing the template :D than we need to go to my aunt house for dinner.... argghhhhhh i can't believe all this happening to me :'( i almost finish choosing the template... tsk..tsk... than last week i complete watever things tat need to be completed.. and hopefully i can post this.... whew..... if u guys r reading this just remember one thing it takes yearsssss for this blog to even started..... hahahahahhahaah (evil laughing) *wink wink*