Thursday, May 28, 2009

ThE reLaY FoR LiFE - LeT's FiGHt tHe CANCER ppl!!

Hi guys,

if u live in Malaysia why don't u be a good humanitarian and spare ur wkend (30/5/09 & 31/5/09) to join the cancer SURVIVORS and their families.
Me & my siblings went to bukit jalil stadium to join them... our mother died of cancer. It's a happy and sad event for us.... happy coz we can see thousands of ppl gathering and giving support and sad bcoz we remember losing the most most precious person in our life... hmmm let me just describe my mom a little bit.... the way i remember and in by my own words... she's a good friend, she luv to give us a peck on the cheek, she luv cooking or try something new to cook, she luv her family, she definitely luv me & my siblings... it shows ;) , she is a person with sincere & good heart, she loves to help ppl heck she is a nurse that is why she loves to help anybody... and as far as i can recalled since she's gone... myself personally can't find any replica of her... none of my friends mothers was like mine.. i mean some of them just don't really talk to their mother... some of them just respect their mother in the name of respecting and when i told them to be their mother's good friend... they give me a weird look...if only they got a chance to meet my mom... :D not even my mother siblings has the warmth like her... actually they don't have any warmth at all... well... she was one rare very rare gem... that's my mom :)
so you guys out there this year 2010 there is another round of this relay for life programme... come and join me & my siblings again to join the survivors and their family :P see all of u there :D

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  1. badsoul,
    bila lagi nak update blog ni? dah bersawang-sawang dah ni ha!!! kih! kih! kih!