Thursday, May 14, 2009

mY interEsT

25/4/2009 hmmmm which means 3 weeks ago... well at that time i don't have this blog yet ;) for the first time i am taking my interest seriously :D... aku cakap ngan adik aku.. this weekend kita pegi anugerah PEKOMIK, and to my surprise she don't really question me on why do we need to go.. normally she asks :P ... that makes my life easy ;)so off we go to PWTC, a bit info abt the event - it is called Anugerah PEKOMIK 2009, an event to appreciate all the creative cartoonists in malaysia.. and since i luv animation, mangas (aka japanese comics) and cartoons so i wouldn't mind joining this 4 to 5 hours event... there's a lot of stalls in PWTC which sells all the creative things from a simple comics to t shirts etc etc.. so for the sake of making sure this creative ppl keep on doing wat they do best, we bought some souvenirs :)
while i am sitting inside the room as one of the audiences, i keep looking ard to see.... who knows if there is some familiar cartoonists that i might recognize... i did saw some of the gempak ppl.. some of ujang's cartoonist.. but than i realized me & my siblings since last few years have been choosing a different type of comics... we are into a different version of comics... different strokes... more into the japanese or korean type.. manga and manhwa...we are more into Gempak and Utopia... i think that is why there is only a bit of ppl that we recognized that day.
These are the few winners that i can remember, we have Ujang for his Atuk (note: just fyi ujang was once a quite popular cartoonist but over the years i over heard something happen to him and well.... he is still ard) and we have Art Square winning Penerbit Terbaik i think (note: Art Square is the Gempak's co.), and we also have Niezam Bachik winning the Siri Mini (note: he is one of Ujang's cartoonist... i am not sure where he is now) but the overall winner is this Azhar Abdullah... frankly we didn't even know who he is... so i ask the person beside me who is Azhar that winning almost all the category... he look at me and said something like the boss or the organiser.. hmmmm no wonder he wins... ;) we do try to look around for his work, we saw his drawings....... well...... as i said much earlier me & my siblings, we have move on... we choose the more creative and outstanding presentations... but all in all it is quite and experience and i do hope the event will be on yearly basis... we would luv to go again :D
(btw : bcoz of my laziness this post took nearly a year to be publish hehehehheeh but since i also write in a diary so i manage to recall the event ;) )

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