Friday, May 8, 2009

my oWn bLoG

wow... my own blog..... hahaha... i am sooooo happy :) u guys can't even imagine how many years that i wait to have my own blog.... years back i told my siblings... wait..tat doesn't sound right.. i persuade my siblings ;) to do a blog for me... they ask me y do i need it....... of coz as usual i got hundred and one reason on y do i need it....duhhhh.... but my main reason catch their attention (at last) i told them i need to have more friends and who knows i can even find my other half *wink wink* so both of them immediately start to think the basic on how my blog should look like... i think both my siblings are pretty tired of my circle of friends heheheheh :P u see i am a loyal person.... so mainly my friends now are also my friends when my siblings are still in primary school.... hmmm no wonder..... so while i am waiting for my blog to be up, life still goes on... a lot of things happen over the years... as the three of us grow up, and becoming more matured and more stronger........... my blog still not ready..!! can u believe it!! i am l iving with 3 ppl who are expert in computers and all the cmputers gadget & my blog is still... none... than something happen last 3 weeks... while i was googleing (is there such word.... well, who cares) i accidentally saw website on how to do ur own blog... and i only read it thru for 10 mins and it is so damn easy... i am piss off with my siblings that day i don't even want to talk to them... of coz they don't really notice it...sigh.. since they normally will start talking the moment i come back from work.... than last 2 weeks i borrow one of my sibling laptop and start to do my blog.......... i only manage to do until the 1st phase which is choosing the template :D than we need to go to my aunt house for dinner.... argghhhhhh i can't believe all this happening to me :'( i almost finish choosing the template... tsk..tsk... than last week i complete watever things tat need to be completed.. and hopefully i can post this.... whew..... if u guys r reading this just remember one thing it takes yearsssss for this blog to even started..... hahahahahhahaah (evil laughing) *wink wink*


  1. yeah your first blog,will always support you then

  2. Ok lah tu, ade blog, aku hanye ade goblog